The Canning Gallery is an artist-run gallery in East London

Current and upcoming exhibitions

9th September – 3 October 2021

Materials And Process

Diana Burch • KV Duong • Chris Horner • Geraldine Van Heemstra

Private view Thursday 9th September 6–9pm

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Previous exhibitions

23rd July — 30th August 2021

GHOSTS: The Great Unidentifiable

Do those young spirits capped under veils of secrecy, corruption and dirty business know? Do they know distress? Fear? Hunger and thirst? Aloneness and helplessness? Abuse? Exploitation? Doug Jack Jones & Yelnats invite you to contemplate these questions in GHOSTS: The Great Unidentifiable, a sculptural installation from Friday 23 July 2021 at The Canning Gallery.

20th May — 25th June 2021 

Some things we do for money, some things we do for free

D.E.A. Gallery off-site project featuring:
Kai Badillo • Harmony Benevides • Damian Bengtson • Dwight Busse • Demetrius Gattis • Kalman + Mauri • Susana Metro • Omar Ping

18–20 September 2020 Opening exhibition: ‘Elemental’ by Doug Jack Jones, ‘Calculated Paintings’ by Ron Croon, and featuring works by Yelnats